A journey to sajek

Sunrise and sunset scenes are very beautiful. If green, wilderness, serenity and tranquility are your mojo, make a trip to Sajek Valley - one of the most popular holiday destinations of Bangladesh.

A journey to sajek

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December After the Awami League had won a decisive majority capturing out of seats in the Pakistan parliamentary electionsthe Bengali population expected a swift transfer of power to the Awami League based on the Six Point Programme.


The Pakistan Peoples Party had already started lobbying to weaken the stand of Sheikh Mujib, and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was heard saying that he wanted the Bengalis to stay away.

The Awami League, in response to the postponement, launched a program A journey to sajek non-co-operation largely outlined in the 7 March Awami League rally which was so successful that the authority of the Pakistan government became limited to the cantonments and government institutions in East Pakistan.

President Yahya Khan flew to Dhaka to hold talks with Sheikh Mujibur Rahmanleader of the Awami League, in March, and was later joined by Zulfikar Ali Bhuttothen the leader of Pakistan Peoples Party, which had secured the second largest share of seats 81 out of in the elections.

Before putting the plan into action, senior Pakistani officers in East Pakistan who were unwilling to support the military attack on civilians, Lt. General Farman defined the operational premises and conditions for success, while General Khadim Raja dealt with the distribution of forces and tasks assigned to the individual brigades and other units.

It assumed that the Bengali Army and other military units would revolt at the onset of operations [24] and the planners suggested that all Bengali units under arms should be disarmed prior to commencing the operation, and the political leadership arrested during a planned meeting with the President, General Yahya Khan.

No operational reserves were earmarked. The handwritten plan was reviewed with General Hamid and Lt. General Tikka Khan on 20 March at the flag staff house. General Hamid objected to the immediate disarming of regular army Bengali units, but approved the disarming of the EPR, armed police and other para-military formations.

Yahya Khan refused to sanction the arrest of Awami League leaders during a meeting with him, as the plan had proposed. The Operation was to start on the night of 25 March in Dacca, and other garrisons were to be alerted via phone about their zero hour to start their activities.

General Farman Ali commanded the forces in Dhaka, while the rest of the province was commanded by General Khadim. General Tikka Khan and his staff were present in the 31st field command centre, to supervise and support the command staff of the 14th division.

Major components of the plan[ edit ] Operational premises[ edit ] As outlined by the Pakistani planners, the operation aimed to eliminate the Awami League apparatus and any civilians and personnel of the armed forces supporting the Awami League movement in defiance of martial law.

A journey to sajek

Cunning, surprise, deception and speed was emphasised as crucial for success. Use of free and greater force was authorised. Search and assault of civilian areas and Hindu areas also were authorised.

Maximum number of political and student leaders, and those among cultural organisations and teaching staff to be arrested.

A journey to sajek

Dhaka University would be occupied and searched. Free and greater use of fire authorised for securing cantonments. All internal and international communications to be cut off, including telephone, television, radio and telegraph.

All East Pakistani Bengali troops to be neutralised by seizing weapons and ammunition. Bhutto disagrees, and to agree to Awami League demands. The designated centres of offensive operations under that plan were DaccaKhulnaChittagongComillaJessoreRajshahiRangpurSaidpur and Sylhetareas where West Pakistani army units were concentrated.

Pakistani Army units and paramilitary elements in other areas of East Pakistan were to maintain control of their respective areas and await reinforcements during the initial phase of the operation. Once Dhaka had been secured, the 9th and 16th divisions from Pakistan were to be airlifted into East Pakistan as reinforcements.

Cities with airfields Chittagong, Sylhet, Jessore, Rangpur, Comilla would be reinforced via C aircraft or heliborne troops directly from Dhaka.

Although the plan did not specify the time needed to subdue East Pakistan, it was assumed that after the arrest of the political leadership and disarming of the Bengali military and paramilitary units, civilians could be terrorised into submitting to martial law within a week.

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Tikka Khan estimated that no resistance would remain after 10 April. Location of Pakistani and Bengali units on 25 March Some unit locations are not shown. The 14th infantry division was the only Pakistan Army division stationed in East Pakistan in March This division had four infantry brigades attached to it, instead of the normally allotted three brigades.

Jahanzab Arbab — W. Pakistani was headquartered in Dacca, the 53rd Brig. Pakistani was in Comilla, the 23rd Brig. Pakistani was in Jessore. Mozumdar, a Bengali, was in command of the Chittagong area.

Normally, each brigade contained 3 or 4 infantry battalions and a field artillery regiment and various support elements. These four brigades had 12 infantry battalions [28] regiments normally had soldiers each containing purely West Pakistani personnel mainly hailing from PunjabiBaluchPathan and Sindhi background before 25 March The journey to Sajek itself is an amazing experience.

The clouds, hasty rain, sunny day and brighter rainbow makes the trip a dream for a tourist One can quickly touch a cloud. Touching clouds create a great feeling. You can enjoy the beauty of nearby areas very closely. It was an amazing journey to Sajek with Holiday trip Vista.

They are so profession al & well mannered. Love their Resort “MeghMacha ng”. Specially The Balcony & reception area is so scenic.

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If you want a adventurous journey with mind blowing scenery you must have visit Sajek. The journey by 'Chander gari' would be one of your most memorable journey I can bet! A must visit place in BD.5/5(72).

The journey is memorable in my life; it was my first journey to the Sajek Valley, even to the Khagrachhari and Rangamati. Total journey was adventurous; the road goes through the hill that will give you extra amusement. Tour De Sajek. Wasif Anowar November 17, At AM midnight of 8th November I picked up Saleh from Mohakhali bus stand and sent him home, yes he was a bit tired after a 9 hours bus journey from Rangpur but part of him was excited as within the space of 14 days we will tour again on the hill tracks of Bangladesh. Aug 14,  · Sajek is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. Perfect place for nature lovers and explorers. Sajek valley is famous for its natural beauty. The valley is surrounded by mountains, dense forest, grasslands hilly tracks.5/5(73).

Our Journey From Bogra To Sajek Valley. So, guess what this tour was full of adventure, thrilling and full of fun with my new bike. As planned before, all the tour participant and bike riders came in front of my office at the time we start our journey.

Here is the picture. Most of the travelers that visited Sajek recommended carrying Robi SIM to get connected in Sajek. Drinking water is bit costly and not much available in Sajek. It is better idea to take bottled water from Khagracchari before starting journey. Sajek valley is known as the Queen of Hills & Roof of Rangamati.

The name of Sajek Valley came from Sajek River that originates from Karnafuli river. Sajek river is working as a border between Bangladesh and India. Sajek valley resorts are made on the side of the .

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