Airline business plan sample

Staff salaries for July were released on Friday, media reports said.

Airline business plan sample

The result of careful planning and strategy. How it began, it was quite a few years ago now, about 10 or 11 years ago, the process was relatively simple.

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We went out, we looked at our schedule, we decided how many bottles of wine we needed of various types and we went out into the open market and we bought it. We tasted and we bought for the year, and that was it. What became evident as we were then just going through one of the major growth spurts was that that process was no longer going to work, because we would have to lower our quality expectations in order to get the volume of the wine that we needed, and clearly that wasn't going to work.

I remember Tim Clark, or Sir Tim as he is now, had been having some similar thoughts, and so we then worked together as a team and said, "We're going to change this completely. It was clear that we needed to understand the industry and that we needed to go right back to the start of the supply chain to where things grow, when they're harvested, build relationships with the vineyards right at an early stage.

We said, right, we're going to start working way into the future. We are going to buy en primeur, we're going to buy now wines that need laying down, and we're going to start building our portfolio so that airline business plan sample the time we get ten years into the future we're going to have a range which is just outstanding.

We're at that ten-year point now. When you look at our wine list, there will be a number of wines on there which are not freely available in the market. People will wonder, where have you got it from? How can you afford to put that on board your airplane? And that comes from taking those long term decisions.

Well, in procurement, we buy more than just wine. We buy all the operational aspects that support the business. So that's ground handling, cargo handling, crew hotels, chauffeur drive, air traffic control, and then the two most important liquids are jet fuel and the wine.

If you're flying across the network today there'll be at least 27, 28 different wine lists. So you can imagine the logistical challenge of all those different wines to different places. We'll get through a selection of perhaps different wines over a single year.

This year we'll be pouring 10 million bottles of wine on Emirates. That's 8 million in Economy, they're the ml bottles, and 2 million in the premium cabins of the full sized bottles. Now to visualize that, if we laid them down in a line, they would stretch all the way from London to Cyprus.

Every precaution has to be taken to ensure that the wines arrive on board in perfect condition. And typically we air freight anything that doesn't come from France, but the French wines that we bring via ship, they need to get here just in time, so it's a very complex operation.

airline business plan sample

We have a team who supports that who are working on it on a daily basis. Different routes have different wines and different champagnes, which I've only started to notice.

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If you go into Africa, you'll have a different set of wines potentially than maybe going into some other areas. One of the things that we're always very careful about is if you're flying to a recognized wine-making country, we will always serve in First Class the best possible wine we can find at that time from that country.

A traveler coming from Australia through to the UK, once they've transited through Dubai, they're getting a completely different wine list on the next sector. And if he comes back and then goes down to Africa, again a different wine list. It gives a huge amount of variety at any time.

We need variety, because imagine watching the same film every time you got on a flight, you wouldn't want that. We have to offer our frequent flyers variety and choice. Emirates has a very clear view on what consumption of wine on board will be like for a number of years out.

So being able to buy at the en primeur stage, which is the earliest time that the wines are commercialized, allows us to get the access that we need to supply the airline.


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