Best online trading account width and

Web Trading Platform — Accounts can be accessed very easily with any system through web Mobile Trading Platform — A mobile platform which allow to trade through mobiles and tablets.

Best online trading account width and

Best online trading account width and

Theory of Share Market 4. Methodology of Study 6. Objectives of Study 7. Comparative Study of Online trading portals 8. First part gives an insight about online trading and Dematerialization account. What is share trading and how buying and selling takes place.

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For trading, it is mandatory for us to have a demat or dematerialization account. How to open a demat account and what all documents are required was part of our study.

Various terms used in share market such as bears and bulls, intraday, delivery, settlement, index, etc. The second part of project represents the major players of India and a small comparative analysis has been done on their basis of services given by these different online trading portals with their brokerage rates, annual maintenance charges, account opening charges and customer base.

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In Bombay, business passed in the shares of banks like the commercial bank, the chartered mercantile bank, the chartered bank, the oriental bank and the old bank of Bombay and shares of cotton presses.

This list was a further broadened in when the Calcutta newspaper printed the quotations of banks like union bank and Agra bank. It also quoted the prices of business ventures like the Bengal bonded warehouse, the Docking Company and the storm tug company.

Between andonly half a dozen brokers existed for the limited business. But during the share mania ofthe number of brokers increased considerably. Bythe number of brokers was about 60 and during the exciting period of the American Civil war, their number increased to about to The end of American Civil war brought disillusionment and many failures and the brokers decreased in number and prosperity.

On or about 9th day of July, a few native brokers doing brokerage business in shares and stocks resolved upon forming in Bombay an association for protecting the character, status and interest of native share and stock brokers and providing a hall or building for the use of the members of such association.

Accordingly, the Articles of Association of the Exchange and the Stock Exchange was formally established in Bombay on 3rd day of December, The entrance fee for new member was Re. The numbers of members increased to inin and in and the entrance fee was raised to Rs.

At present there are 23 recognized stock exchanges with about stock brokers. Organization structure of stock exchange varies. Of the total of 23, only 9 stock exchanges have been permanent recognition.

Others have to seek recognition on annual basis. These exchange do not work of its own, rather, these are run by some persons and with the help of some persons and institution.The HDFC Securities trading account has a unique 3-in-1 feature that integrates your HDFC Securities trading account with your existing HDFC bank savings account and existing Demat account.

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