Business plan car wash in malaysia kuala

The year also happens to be the year that racial polarization erupted into open warfare called Penang Riots, which pitted the Cantonese against the Hokkiens, and both affiliated with Malay groups called White Flag and Red Flag societies. Carnarvon Street became the border between the Cantonese sector and Hokkien sector of town. Today, in the 21st century, part of Carnarvon Street forms a new border, between the core zone and buffer zone of the George Town Unesco World Heritage Site.

Business plan car wash in malaysia kuala

When you request information about this opportunity, we work very closely with you to walk you through the process with the best and affordable price to start your business. Performing our services on site, has led to a strong reputation and loyal clients. We can carry out our mobile car wash service to your home or office so you don't have to spend additional time bringing your car to hand car wash.

We do not limit to only cars but we can also perform full cleaning for your caravan, motor home, or even boat. We are using the latest technology called Steam Jet Car Wash which do not require labour-intensive scrubbing, pre-soaking, or by using chemicals to wash off dirt, caked-on sand, grease, mud, and even hard-to-remove bird droppings and bug spots from car surface easily and safely.

In addition, steam sterilizes and deodorizes the interior of your vehicle.

February ~ Car Wash and Car Care Detailing Services In Malaysia

Steam jet Car Wash uses steam vapour to flush out small particles from edges and corners that your hand cannot reach. It takes very little water 2litres per vehicle by averageand it does not cause any wastewater run-off.

So just give us a call and we will have your car clean whilst you don't have to leave your home or work desk. If you would like to have your fleet looking perfect, contact us and we do the job.About dobiQueen Franchise in Malaysia. dobiQueen is a premium self service laundry franchise Malaysia that aims to help millions of household to handle their merely handling household laundry, we aim to help them clean their laundry in a fast and efficient manner.

Our Car Detailing Services In Kuala Lumpur Our Services 4 comments LV Car Wash & Car Detailing Services feature top quality detailing products to RESTORE the SHINE to your vehicle’s exterior and leave the Interior CLEAN and FRESH.

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business plan car wash in malaysia kuala

CALL2WASH, Is the 1st company which is currently operating as a mobile car wash at Malaysia, and currently located in Klang, Selangor.

C2W Mobile Car Wash has been providing automobile detailing and fleet services around Klang Valley. Closing date: Application: Apply for the job Organization: Building Markets Country: Myanmar Closing date: 30 Sep Overview.

Founded in , Building Markets is an award-winning nonprofit that creates jobs and encourages economic growth in crisis-affected countries by connecting competitive local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to supply chains and investment.

business plan car wash in malaysia kuala
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