Chopped and screwed dj screws extension

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Chopped and screwed dj screws extension

Albanian hip hop Albanian hip-hop refers to hip-hop in the Albanian language and is one of the most prominent in Europe. Unikkatil with TBA which is the groups that he is affiliated with and Tingulli 3nt later became rivals, both dominating the Hip Hop scene.

Rappers such as 2po2 then went on to help Unikkatil and made songs for their rivals. Some of the most known performers are: Current successful mainstream rappers include: With rising stars such as Durim KidVarrosiLil Koliwho are members of the OTR group and UniK Dibrawho currently lives in the UK and has recorded and published a numerous of Albanian songs, together with amazing songs of a mixture of the two languages, Albanian and English such as 'look into my eyes' bringing that unique style to the Albanian Hip Hop scene which has already been helped by the members of the OTR group who are originally UK based, London to be more specific.

ACT Gang who are a group based in London, UK, who have worked with an ex member of OTR, published a music video in Albania and seemed promising for them to explode in the hip hop scene but nothing has been released since. The same year a French team try to help Albania hip hop kulture and they create and perform the first hip hop festival in Albania, with French and Albanian artists.

Bosnia and Herzegovina[ edit ] Main article: Bosnian and Herzegovinian hip hop Hip hop is quite a new style of music for Bosnia and Herzegovinabut it has nevertheless proven very popular. The vibrant underground scene has coalesced around several major portals on the Internet. Due to the war in — where many were seeking refuge in other European countries and the United States many Bosnian and Herzegovinian Hip Hop artists are also spread out all around the world including the United States, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand etc.

Bosnian hip hop is the most popular in the Balkans and guilty is on the Top of European hip hop. Bosnian hip hop is starting to be very popular in the youth of Bosnia it has been featured in films like Summer in the Golden Valley putting Bosnian hip hop on the mainstream on the Balkans and on featured films.

Chopped and screwed dj screws extension

Croatian hip hop The s were marked by the emergence of Croatian rap music. Inthe Croatian Liberation Front released two widely popular protest singles. Croatian rap gained much from the fact the Edo Maajkawho is a Bosniak Muslim born in the Bosnian city of Brcko, signed to the label Menart, which is in Zagreb.

The Zagreb band Elemental also burst into the scene featuring one of the few Croatian female rappers. Greek hip hop The earliest indications of the localized genre date back tothough native language albums did not appear until the mids.

Some of the most important early hip-hop groups in Greece were Terror-X-Crew members: C was the first Greek Hip-Hop band mad together mad 7 albums. After the release of their last album inthe band split, as Kostas Kourmentalas left FF.

C and the musical scene in general. Differentiation caused a lot of tension among the Greek hip-hop fans.Surreal,swishahouse,michael Watts,paul Wall,lil Keke,surreall, Chopped, Screwed,chopped And Screwed, Dj Chiszle, Rating: Listens: 12, D - Ray My Mixtape Is Killin Your 2 Chopped And Screwed By Dj Pay A Playa.

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Dj Dew Chopped N Screw. likes. Just a Chop N Screw DJ spreading my slowed down music with the world. Hope y'all enjoying & bumping my shit! keep it.

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