Diary of a madman

It consists of entries from a madmanthe madman in this case being Poprishchin, a 40 year old titular counsellor who serves as an assistant to the director of his division, a job consisting mostly of sharpening quills. He entertains delusions of self-importance, holding great pride in being officially a nobleman. He has fallen in love with the director's daughter, and desires to be noticed by her.

Diary of a madman

I just got this leather-bound beauty of a book in a garage sale. Its covers are smooth and black; the pages, yellowed and antique in texture—no doubt a detail I will become fond of as time goes on. Hell, I already like it. Today was just full of ventures to break the rut into which my life had sunk.

First, I tried that new eatery on Eighth, and then, I bought this book at an old out-of-the-way garage sale in Eatonville. Such a kind old woman selling them, and the cookies she gave to buyers were just delicious.

I may go back just to get one, if not to acquire the recipe itself! Well, my cat Bartolome is keeping me company tonight, and I must cut this first, rather short entry to a close. I hope to update this with the memoirs of my life many, many times.

May 27, Hello Diary, Daniel again. Today was as boring as usual. Mark is nothing special—normal American family man from the suburbs.

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Is there something wrong with me if I start to think some human beings as disposable? It earlier crossed my mind how uninteresting some of the robotic creatures I liked to keep in my company really are.

Ashley, with her endless list of pet names for her latest boy toy.


Stuart, his mumbling about the paranormal, UFOs and the like. Death will be a mercy to them, once they reach that fateful day— Wait, what am I writing?

Diary of a madman

These are my friends; what the hell came over me? Such a sweet old woman; it is too bad much of her family is dead or has forgotten about her. Her name is Susan Anderson, and her home is filled with so many curiosities from the ages of old, and it just fascinates me so.

I must go back there again sometime.

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I must pull this entry to a close. I am still asking myself how I could think such horrible things as I did about my closest co-workers. May 28, Diary, I am going to be rambling tonight. I woke up because of a…. I remember it so vividly, even though dreams have almost never stuck in my head since the days of my puberty, and many of them were less confusing and a little more…wet.

It was when I was barely five years old. I was the son of the town butcher. My teenage sister at the time loved me, and I loved her. I never knew she was sad in any way; she always seemed happy enough. I never knew her true thoughts. In my dream, I was toddling through the house, but, something struck me as being amiss.Don Airey's keyboard intro and spacey outro to the song help establish a direction for Diary of a Madman especially as the title track closes the album setting the benchmark for Ozzy's most classic material, right up there with "Mr.

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The Diary of a Madman by Guy de Maupassant. The Diary of a Madman was published in Gil Blas in October, A longer version involving a supernatural being which haunts his being, called Le Horla, was published in This horror story about an undiscovered madman was loosely adapted into a horror movie starring Vincent Price and .

9 rows · The follow-up to the masterful Blizzard of Ozz, Diary of a Madman was rushed into existence 9/ Before Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, metal was just a building material.

One of six children born to a family of factory workers in postwar Birmingham, England, Osbourne would come to define the persona of the heavy-metal frontman, blurring the line between dramatic flair and what at times seemed like genuine madness.

Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of The Diary of a Madman. It helps middle and high school students understand Nikolai Gogol's literary masterpiece.

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