Essay about can pain and suffering be of any value

The Value of Suffering and the Importance of Suffering Thresholds Posted on by Wrisley In an earlier essay I raised some questions about the value of sufferingespecially the default assumption that suffering is to be avoided and brought to a quick end when it does occur. For example, in the Gay ScienceNietzsche writes: Part of Section

Essay about can pain and suffering be of any value

But it is very true. Rags to riches stories of many millionaires are replete with instances of hardship suffered by these achievers during their boyhood and youth.

And poetry and music and love and family and friends and…

Akbar the great had to undergo incessant sufferings and wage continual warfare to retrieve and build up his kingdom. In our own times, the great business tycoon Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of Reliance Textiles, began his career as a peddler of goods.

How much suffering and humiliation has gone into the making of this business magnate can be easily imagined by anyone who knows the way licenses could be obtained and a market could be built up by struggling entrepreneurs in a ruthlessly controlled Indian economy of Nineteen Sixties and Nineteen Seventies.

Rosalind had to leave the comforts of royalty to embrace the austerity and deprivation of Forest of Arden to pursue her lover Orlando. She had to maintain the disguise of a young-man and pass through dense jungles inhabited by ferocious, wild animals to pursue and achieve her mission of getting united with Orlando.

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And her sufferings were ultimately rewarded when she got united with Orlando in the Forest of Arden. Romeo and Juliet had to undergo even greater suffering than did Rosalind and Orlando. They were harassed and tortured and were compelled to put an end to their lives.

But their sufferings ennobled not only their lives when they lived it but also put an end to the ancestral enmity between their families. But the most shining example of suffering in love followed by blissful union is that narrated by Sanskrit poet Kailas in his inimitable love-drama "Abhinav Shakuntalam".

Shakuntalam, who was united to King Ushant according to Gandhara Marriage system, was later abjured by Ushant as the latter had forgotten his marriage with Shakuntalam under the influence of a curse. For years together, Shakuntalam, who was queen by right, had to live in jungles unaided by a husband or a father and had to bring up her son Bharat in great hardships.

Later, however, when the influence of the curse of Durmast waned, Ushant recognised his wife Shakuntalam and took her along with his brave son Bharat to his palace where they lived happily ever-after. In our own country, revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Ras Bihari Bose and Chandra Shekhar Azad waged an armed struggle against the British, suffered hardships and ultimately death at the hands of the British.

They gave up their lives so that their countrymen may live in freedom. Who is unaware of the frequent fasts-unto-death undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi to exert a moral pressure on the Hindus and the Muslims to eschew violence or to make the British accept his patriotic demands?

India has an unbroken religious tradition of penance. Hindu mythology abounds in stories of penance undergone by devotees Batas to propitiate Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva. The latter pleased with their devotees would grant them boons in form of long life and irresistible power. There is the story of Bhakra Prahlad who stood on one leg for months and years to please Lord Vishnu.

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Lord Vishnu ultimately appeared as Narshimha Avatar and killed Rakshas Hrinaya-Kashyap who had repeatedly tried to put Prahlad to death. Jain Tirtha-anker, Mahabir, preached the virtue of active suffering.“Suffering can come in many forms, but, at some point, everyone will suffer deep pain or loss—it is an unavoidable fact of being human (Sharpe, ).” The main problem of evil and suffering is why would a good and just God allow so much evil and suffering in our world.

Essay on Suffering in the Oresteia - In the Greek play, the Oresteia, suffering acts as a vital role in the lives of the main characters. One character, the chorus, discusses suffering at great length.

Schopenhauer claims that this pleasure can never be more than liberation from pain, further suggesting that humans only experience happiness through the memory of suffering and pain.

The Great Value of Pain and Suffering

This view is opposite to the modern view of suffering and happiness. The meaning I associate with suffering is an uncomfortable state for an amount of time.

Essay about can pain and suffering be of any value

This is not the text book definition the real definition is To feel pain or distress; sustain loss, injury, harm, or punishment. Mental pain and suffering is basically any kind of negative emotion that an accident victim suffers as a result of having to endure the physical pain and trauma of the accident.

Very significant mental pain and suffering can include anger, depression, loss of appetite, lack of energy, sexual dysfunction, mood swings, and/or sleep disturbances.

Quotes about pain from Who, except the gods, can live time through forever without any pain? - Aeschylus The injuries we do and the injuries we .

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