Ethical theories gay marriage

I find it entirely illogical why, in this country, we still do not recognise a marriage between two people if those people are both of the same sex. With this in mind I would like to ask a very simple question: First, I am talking about marriage equality.

Ethical theories gay marriage

Therefore, non-ethical conditions can be elevated to higher levels than they deserve, conflicting and perverting otherwise easy ethical dilemmas. There is nothing unethical with gay marriage.

Ethical Theories and Dilemmas in Same-Sex Marriage |

Two gay people marrying does not cause harm to anyone. Not allowing two gay people to marry does cause them harm; it is a denial of a basic human right.

Both are conditions of ethics. It is unethical for society to deny gays the opportunity of marriage; Period. If those who oppose gay marriage were honest with themselves, they would acknowledge their opposition is rooted in queasiness or possibly even disgust. Body piercing may make you queasy; seeing someone pop a squat and shit in the woods may disgust you; neither are unethical acts, in fact the latter is quite natural.

Marriage in the cultural sense is an acknowledgment of intimacy and a formal commitment to lifelong fidelity. Marriage in the legal sense is not concerned with intimacy; it is concerned with the contractual side of marriage.

Two intimate people living with one another gain wealth, property, share leases, loans, etc — basically have shared finances and other shared obligations including children.

If and when the intimacy ends and the partners want to separate; the marriage contract is used to allow the state to arbitrate the distribution of wealth and other related legal matters. Gay marriage is primarily a legal issue; the denial of gay marriage is an ethical issue.

This debate does make me aware of just how poor our collective understanding of ethics are. Understanding the difference between ethics and morality provides some insight into why there is such a disconnect.Is Ethics Wedded to Same-Sex Marriage?

Ethical arguments against same-sex marriage laws - ABC Religion & Ethics

Gay marriage and the future of human sexuality John Milbank 13 Mar It's not every day that you see divergent ethical theories such as utilitarianism.

An Ethics for Same-Sex Marriage. Thomas J. Mathews. Presented at the 19th Annual Affirmation Conference, August 23, , Salt Lake City, Utah. A version of this paper was presented at the Sunstone Symposium, August The Ethics of Same-Sex Marriage.

Leviticus suggests that gay homosexual sex is so egregious, that offenders should be killed if they are caught.

Ethical theories gay marriage

abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.” So, according to those that look at the ethical world with a theological voluntarism approach, same- sex.

Using This Site Ethics App Ethical Decision Making Ethics Articles Ethics Blogs Ethics Cases Ethics Curricula Ethics Links Religion and Ethics; Resources; Gay Marriage: Theological and Moral Arguments One need not use the word "marriage," but the reality is the same. A gay or lesbian orientation is not a matter of choice but simply the.

Approach To Same Sex Marriage Philosophy Essay. Print I will use the theories of utilitarianism and principlism to show how banning and not legalizing same-sex marriage is immoral and unethical. withholding the rights of marriage is not ethical.

Therefore, you must do the most ethical thing, which is to allow them to marry. “As for. Ethical Theories and Dilemmas in Same-Sex Marriage Vincente Shadiow Business Law Ethics Paper 18 February Ethical dilemmas occur day in and day out, the basis of an ethical dilemma consists of two parties, of whom both are very combinative towards each other on an issue.

Ethical arguments against same-sex marriage laws - ABC Religion & Ethics