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Daniel Bryan match for the WWE Championship on Saturday via a press release, but in that press release was another interesting tidbit. However, it appears WWE has no moved the event to a smaller venue. The press release mentions the match will take place at King Saud University Stadium, which is a change of venue from the earlier announced location King Fahd International Stadium. The full press release is below.

King jewel

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One significant yet mystical treasure from this era is the Alfred Jewel. The Alfred Jewel is a 9th-century object that was commissioned by King Alfred who later used it as a pointer to help King jewel reading the Bible and other religious texts. At the time, these were copied by hand and often difficult to read.

Alfred ordered these texts to be distributed around his kingdom because he considered them to be sources of enlightenment. The intricate piece was created by an artisan who worked under the patronage of the West Saxon court.

The base of the jewel is in the form of a dragon-like head with a socket for its mouth.

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The teardrop-shaped Alfred Jewel is made of enamel overlaid with polished quartz, encased in gold. Initially, the figure was interpreted be that of St. Cuthbert, who was possibly the most important saint of Anglo-Saxon England. However, today the figure is widely thought to depict Christ in Majesty.

Other historians suggest the image is a representation of Sight because of its similarity to the 9th century silver Fuller Brooch. Wessex was often attacked by the Vikings which challenged Alfred, who soon proved to be a powerful leader.

By he unified the territories of southern England and formalized its boundaries. Photo of the Alfred Jewel taken from the front.

Alfred was a unique leader of his time who recognized the power and significance of education. King Alfred died in after a bloody battle against invading Scandinavian warriors.

The Alfred Jewel, seen in profile. King Alfred began his education as a young man. At first, he learned to read Old English but then advanced in Latin when he was older.

King jewel

His engagement in educational work led him to arrange and actively participate in the translation of Latin religious texts to Old English, aiming to spread wisdom further.

Along with the copy came an aestel. The aestel was a valuable object kept near books and used as a pointer for reading. The Alfred Jewel was one of those aestels, discovered in a field in the late 17th century in North Petherton, a small rural town in the county of Somerset.

The place of its discovery reveals an intriguing background story referring to King Alfred. Inthe jewel was presented to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford where it is still displayed today. A copy of the Alfred Jewel.

However, these theories were quickly debunked and replaced by the claim that the object was actually used as an aestel.

King jewel

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The Kingstone Jewels are precious jewels spread throughout the kingdoms of The precious jewels are part of Princess Ferne's special are a total of seven Kingstone Jewels.

Once you collect all seven Kingstone Jewels, Princess Ferne will allow you .

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