Lidea di europa durante il nazi fascismo

At the end of Book 1, Carte Blanchethe Fascist party members in Rome, Commissario De Luca with them even if he is not truly a party member, escape to the north of Italy. It is not clear what De Luca is doing in the woods, but the suggestion is that he is escaping from the Fascists and trying to get back to Rome; he has a false identity card and a new name, but the Partisan Policeman who finds him is not fooled, worse yet, recognizes him and forces him to help investigate a local crime, the mass murder of a Partisan family. My mother-in-law was a little girl and was in Umbria with her mother and siblings while her father was in Anzio and then in Rome; they lost track of him for several years. She too tells many truth-is-stranger-than-fiction stories.

Lidea di europa durante il nazi fascismo

Fascism always has been, and always will be a left-wing ideology—period. That means that the Nazis, being a subset of Fascism, are left-wing as well.

I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding this truth.

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The oft repeated lie that Fascism and the Nazis are right-wing has effectively served three important purposes: It has enabled the political left to deny any culpability for the atrocities committed by Hitler. It has unfairly and incorrectly shifted the blame for the Holocaust, Nazi eugenics, and other Nazi programs onto the right-wing, i.

I am not claiming that Communism and Fascism are the same thing—they are not. They are, however, variations on the same theme—the theme of collectivism. That is, they both promote Big Government at the expense of individual freedom.

As such, they both belong on the left side of the political spectrum. The media has long promulgated the myth of a political spectrum that looks something like this: What is wrong with that picture?

Lidea di europa durante il nazi fascismo

What is wrong with it is that the true political spectrum looks like this: At the far left of the political spectrum we have collectivist ideologies such as Communism and Fascism, then moving to the right we find Socialism, then the Moderates.

On the right side of the spectrum we move from the Moderates to Conservatives who favor a Constitutional, or limited, form of governmentand finally at the far right we find the true anarchists, who favor no government at all not to be confused with faux-anarchists, who wish to tear down existing governments so that they can replace them with other forms of government.

In short, the political spectrum moves from Big Government on the far left, to no government on the far rightwith the size and influence of government decreasing as one moves to the right, and vice versa. Fascism belongs squarely on the left side of the spectrum.

Homo-Fascism is a form of extreme left-wing radicalism which attempts to establish rigid totalitarian controls over public discussions and policies addressing sexual morality, and to punish or suppress all disapproval of homosexuality and related sexual behaviors.

Where pro-family speech and other activities are not yet constrained by law, homo-fascists employ bullying and other intimidation tactics to silence opponents and manipulate policy makers, all while posing as victims.

They are nothing of the sort, and I do not wish to imply such—but there most certainly is a militant minority, a sub-set, of homo-Fascists whose presence can be traced back prior to the rise of Hitler, then permeating the Nazi hierarchyand continuing up to the present day. Further weighing down the left side of the political spectrum are the Islamofascists who are, of course, not right-wing in any way, shape, or form—why do you think the Far-Left finds it so easy to climb into bed with them?

That is—Left, or more to the Left. Who is left to stand against this tide of Machiavellian duplicity, arrogance, and greed; this tsunami of brutality, barbarism, and death?

To paraphrase Hillel the Elder: If not us, then who?

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If not now, then when? Served in the U. Worked as a commercial diver in the waters off of Scotland, India, and the United States. The annual contest was set up by Carol Burnett with money she won from successfully suing a national newspaper for libel.Jul 10,  · E' il secondo capitolo della trilogia che Lucarelli dedica alle indagini del commissario De Luca, ambiguo e discutibile personaggio che cerca di sopravvivere al passaggio dal Fascismo alla Democrazia, nel tragico scenario dell' Italia distrutta dalla guerra/5(29).

Lidea di europa durante il nazi fascismo

Debatiéndose entre el ultranacionalismo y la necesidad de encontrar un lugar en una Europa abierta en canal, el franquismo se inspiraba también, pero no solo, en la Alemania nazi, la Francia de Vichy y el Portugal salazarista (por citarmodelos políticos herederos del fascismo).

la repubblica di weimar il progetto di hitler hitler al potere le leggi di norimberga l’eutanasia la politica economica la politica estera. la repubblica di REGIMENES TOTALITARIOS FASCISMO .

Infatti, se era vero, come i giellisti ritenevano e argomentavano, che il fascismo era espressione di una crisi insieme italiana ed europea, allora solo un movimento di carattere transnazionale come GL era in grado di competere con il fascismo su entrambi i terreni.

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Le sanzioni contro il fascismo – (Milan: Baldini e Castoldi, ); Wor ks on Nazi Massacres in Italy during the Second World War, ): – The international conference I am refer-ring to is Guerra ai civili.

Stragi, violenza e crimini di guerra in Italia e in Europa durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale: i fatti, le. All’interno di una scuola superiore tedesca, durante una settimana a tema, il professor Rainer Wenger organizza un esperimento simile a quello americano per convincere i suoi studenti che una nuova dittatura possa ancora essere instaurata nella moderna Germania, nonostante le ben note conseguenze date più di mezzo secolo prima dal Nazismo.

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