Poem curandera by pat mora

Poems like "Weird", "First Time", and"Back Then" capture the ecstatic thrill of puppy-love and admiration - the "in-love" experience - with economy, yet speak clearly, evoking youthful memories.

Poem curandera by pat mora

This means that one has to leave the comfort of being home culture and traditions and embrace a new culture and environment. While in these new countries, one would feel alienated and far away from home. There is also a clash of cultures when one has to balance between their own and the new one as well.

This mixed feeling makes people feel like they do not belong anywhere. The three poems display the human need for being home. They also describe the satisfaction and joy found when an individual experiences the feeling of being home. In my view, the speaker in Legal Alien is a young Mexican American woman who expresses the feeling of a bicultural individual.

She can speak fluently English and Spanish. Notably, she uses the two languages in her daily life.

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She uses English while at work in a standard office job, and she uses Spanish while frequenting Mexican restaurants. However, it is evident that the speaker is not yet fully accepted by her community. While Mexicans see her as being an outsider or some sort of alien, Americans perceive her as an inferior and exotic person.

This results in being viewed as someone who sits on the margins of two cultural worlds, Mexican and American. As a matter of fact, she is forced to present an outer front so as to preserve the self, which is meant to hide the soreness of being prejudged.

The kind of life experienced by the speaker makes her legal alien, someone who belongs to a society, but has not been fully accepted. The poem represents the collective experiences of Mexican Americans.

It is written in free verse. There are twenty two lines of varying meter and no rhyme. The poem has a few words that rhyme, for example, Mexicans 14 and Americans However, it has a low steady beat that creates a rhythm.

While she is an American citizen by law, the communities feel she does not belong to them and start treating her suspiciously. They make the speaker feel illegal. The Americans see her as being inferior while Mexicans feel she does not belong to their community.

It is clear that the speaker is affected by her border experience. She yearns for a sense of belonging, which she does not get. She is resented and looked down upon by the two cultures. Queens, by Julia Alvarez Queens, talks about racial conflict that was common during the civil rights movement. The poem has a rhyme scheme whose rhythm makes it poetic.

The speaker is a young woman who is busy with observing her surroundings. This gives the reader an opportunity to have a look at what goes on in her mind. The speaker also talks about the change in the real estate market while relating it to the racial tensions eminent at the time.

On the other hand, it is notable that the music stops when the tone shifts. In my view, the poem also reflects the way people can develop and see life.

The speaker struggles with the issue of discrimination. She longs for freedom having moved to Queens from another foreign country.

In essence, the speaker has a hard time finding her own self when everyone doubts her feeling of belonging. The speaker in this poem is also affected by the cross-border experience.

Poem curandera by pat mora

While she wants to be integrated into the society as quickly as possible, things change. She faces discrimination, and as a result yearns for her home where everyone is equal. In essence, the poem describes the satisfaction and joy found when an individual experiences the feeling of being at home when one came from.

This can be described as a yearning for home. In Indian Movie, New Jersey, the poet brings out the feeling that can be seen in a group of Indian immigrants longing for their home, true home for that matter.relaxation lifestyle exercise meditation, breathing herbs The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies desert.“ from the poem, "Curandera" by Pat Mora Heart disease Obesity/ eating disorders Depression Return Document.

Curandera. By Pat Mora. Old Love. By Pat Mora. See All Poems by this Author More About This Poem Ode to Teachers By Pat Mora About this Poet Born in El Paso, Texas, poet, writer, former teacher, university administrator, museum director, and consultant, Pat Mora is a popular national speaker who promotes creativity, inclusivity and bookjoy.

Planning a Poetry Analysis: Pat Mora "Curandera" Created: Apr 28 Description. This video was a special request. Planning a Poetry Analysis: Pat Mora "Curandera" Created: Apr 28 Description.

Poem curandera by pat mora

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Legal Alien Legal Alien by Pat Mora BACKGROUND Pat Mora was born on the border of El Paso, Texas and Mexico. Raised in a Mexican American household, she grew up speaking and reading both English and Spanish. Her poetry blends Hispanic culture into American society. This poem is from her first book of poetry. A legal alien is an. Read Sunday Morning essays and research papers. View and download complete sample Sunday Morning essays, instructions, works cited pages, and more. The Desert is My Mother Pat Mora I say feed me. She serves red prickly pear on a spiked cactus. I say tease me. She sprinkles raindrops on my face on a sunny day.

Mi Madre by. Pat Mora. I say feed me. She serves red prickly pear on a spiked cactus. I say tease me. She sprinkles raindrops in my face. I say frighten me. She shouts thunder, flashes lightning. I say comfort me.

She invites me to lay on her firm body.

Legal Alien by Pat Mora

I say heal me. Read Curandera By Pat Mora from the story A Random Poem Book by MILLER (Shadow) with 24 reads. funny, cute, fun. They think she lives aloneon the edge of. Pat Mora Author, Presenter, Literacy Advocate has been a happy poetry year for Pat. The University of Arizona Press published her seventh adult poetry collection, Encantado: Desert Monologues; and Lee and Low Books, her children’s poetry .

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