Startup business plan examples uk map

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Startup business plan examples uk map

Date of most recent filing Number of employees reported in most recent filing Turnover reported in most recent filing Investment raised Finally, once the individual companies were matched we then ran another auto-matching exercise to identify companies that have expanded across multiple European jurisdictions via subsidiaries.

Alongside the technical build and development of the map the project has involved detailed fieldwork across the 20 hubs — all of which are at different stages of development and maturity.

startup business plan examples uk map

Through this fieldwork the project team has engaged with over entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators, co-working spaces, government officials, universities, businesses, network groups and other market influencers and shapers.

These stakeholders have been engaged through a combination of semi-structured interviews and facilitated workshops.

A note on data It is important to note that gathering consistent business data has been a significant challenge for this platform. Some countries have accurate, comprehensive records of business activity. Other countries have patchy, out of date information.

This makes it difficult to present a consistent picture. Few jurisdictions release company data as free or open datasets.

In most cases a significant fee is levied for providing data. Within the scope of the project it was only possible to obtain a one-off snapshot from each jurisdiction.

It would have been preferable to acquire a complete historic picture with quarterly updates of new data but the cost would have been far beyond the resources available to the project. These challenges grow when the focus of the analysis is primarily on web entrepreneurship and tech startups, neither of which appear consistently within the data.

In addition, the sector information available from government registries is too patchy to provide a reliable differentiator. An approximation can be provided by filtering out all companies that have not raised investment.

However, this obviously understates the true picture.

startup business plan examples uk map

Faced with these challenge through the Dynamic Map we have sort provide the widest possible array of data which can then be filtered according to user interests and requirements.

We have not independently verified that this data is accurate, complete or up to date. It should be used as a guide only. Users should consider the appropriateness of this data in the context of their specific requirements and carry out any further relevant research or checks, or confirm information from another source, if it is sufficient importance for you to do so.

Any third party who chooses to rely upon our work shall do so entirely at their own risk. A thriving sector raising investment and creating jobs Despite the incomplete data set the Dynamic Mapping process identified nearlystartup businesses that are less than five years old.The Work at Home Woman.

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Never Dive Into Business Without a Startup Plan by Tim Knox Last Updated: Jun 1, Trying to launch a business without a startup plan is like taking a trip along a curvy, mountain road without a map, driving at high speeds, while wearing a blindfold.

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