The decline of the effectiveness of protests in the digital age

Etymology[ edit ] The term "Arab Spring" is an allusion to the Revolutions ofwhich are sometimes referred to as the "Springtime of Nations", and the Prague Spring in

The decline of the effectiveness of protests in the digital age

In the traditional world, newspapers, corporations, governments, or other types of leading organizations simply had to give out information, and people would consume it by reading or looking at it. But this seemingly tried-and-true method is transforming.

Many traditional and non-traditional media outlets report and comment on how the Internet and social media, especially social networking, have begun to seriously affect news organizations and how they operate. How papers will make money has been talked to death.

So, instead, this report will focus on how social media, especially social networking sites like Twitter, has begun to affect the news organizations and changed — for better or worse — how journalists perform their jobs every day. The main purpose of this report is to learn how the social media revolution has changed and will continue to change journalism and news organizations.

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To understand social media and its effects, one must read and analyze information gathered through journal articles, interviews and observations as this report has done.

The report is broken into subtopics: The report will respond to one simple, yet rather complex, question: What impact has social media had on news organizations?

The decline of the effectiveness of protests in the digital age

A question like this cannot be answered straightforward but must instead be explored. While the report will focus on what has already occurred, it will also look to the future and will consider whether public opinions of the mainstream media have helped spawn and accelerate the birth of the social media revolution.

Results will lead the report to offer three areas within journalism that social media has significantly touched: Social Media Literature Review Media industry publications and critics often mention a media shift from traditional outlets, like newspapers and magazines, to digital news sources.

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Going a step beyond simply being online, media organizations have begun to consider how news organizations use social media tools to keep their audiences and, most importantly, to keep bringing in funds to support themselves. However, this report will attempt to explain what has occurred and hypothesize on what the future holds for a world containing independent journalism and social media tools.

The research gathered for this report can be grouped into four categories: Understanding where traditional news organizations currently stand requires one to understand how audiences consume their news and what they think about the news business as it stands.

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The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press conducted a survey in which it found, overall, respondents have less confidence that news organizations strive to report accurate, politically unbiased news than they had a few decades ago.

A MediaPost article discussed a survey that found males tend to be more open to new media than females, and, to little surprise, the toyear-old age group has seen the largest decline in traditional media usage Loechner 1. In a letter in the American Journalism Review, Kevin Klose wrote journalism in its purest form is about witnessing an event and recording them for others to see and read Klose 2.

Podger says journalism is about listening to those who have something to say Podger He explains social media is about listening as well as interacting with others Lewis.

Another blogger, Vadim Lavrusik, described the change from one-way communication to a community affair and how the change will assist journalists. Others, including two authors for the fall online issue of Nieman Reports, Robert G. Picard and Richard Gordon, and Chris Martin of Chris Martin Public Relations, also expressed social media can help journalists do their jobs more effectively.

Others have evaluated the news media and determined social media has not only benefited journalists but has also helped give individuals a way to speak up to the world.

Despite its positives, some have found problems with journalists in the social media world. Many media professionals have reported on how journalists can use these tools. In an article for Wired magazine, Steven Levy discusses how user-oriented, real-time Twitter is changing the news media Levy.

Two writers, Courtney Lowery and Leah Betancourt, discuss how to use and how not to use social media tools like Twitter for journalistic purposes Lowery; Betancourt. However, a large number of Americans use them anyway, perhaps even more than e-mail, according to a Mashable blog entry written by Adam Ostrow Ostrow.

The class made a tool called NewsMixer for Facebook Gordon. Also, Christine Greenhow and Jeff Reifman conducted a study on Facebook community involvement by creating and observing different Facebook applications Greenhow.

Both Li and Skoler suggest Digg.

The decline of the effectiveness of protests in the digital age

The third literature topic required a wide use of newspaper articles because it evaluates coverage of recent international and national events. Four major events show how useful social media tools, especially Twitter, can be.

The most recent event is the Nov. The Iranian protests during summer offer the second example. First, he writes there may not have been as many eye witnesses tweeting as expected for numerous reasons.

Secondly, he says those Iranians who did use Twitter or blogs took a risk in being associated with Americans and considered spies Morozov In an InformationToday article, Michael Baumann also mentions the dangers Iranians who use social media would face; he quotes Morozov a couple times in his story Baumann 1, 52, While one of the most popular examples, the Iranian protests is just one example among many of journalists using social media.The Trump administration's disaster relief chief says that "the numbers are all over the place" from studies on the death toll from last year's.

A MediaPost article discussed a survey that found males tend to be more open to new media than females, and, to little surprise, the toyear-old age group has seen the largest decline in traditional media usage (Loechner 1).

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