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The New World The new world There were key points to the chapter on the new world. The chapter was mainly about the politics created by the testing and use of nuclear weapons. The government wanted total control of the further development of nuclear weapons. The May-Johnson bill was created to help aid the government in having majority control over the nuclear weapons development.

The new world essay example

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. As the book develops I found there is no community, identity, or stability and is a mere paradox and false representation to create a stable utopia.

The idea of community we have today is virtually non-existent in this new world. When I think of community I think of next door neighbors, attending weddings, and family dinners. In the utopia present by Huxley this is all banished.

Solitude and time that one person needs to be alone to think and relax is highly discouraged. The idea of community that relates to current day church is when Bernard attends the Fordson Community Singery.

Here the twelve individuals eat strawberry ice-cream soma, praise Ford, and all diverge in an Orgy-Porgy. This felling of community replaces church sine God is now unheard of. Mothers are seen with babies and there are nuclear families. This true community is viewed by the civilized as grotesque and disturbing due to there conditioning.

Destiny in Brave New World is chosen for you before you are even decanted. Alcohol is injected in the bottle if the person is of a lower class to make then less intelligent and capable. The jobs are determined and people are prepared with immunizations and resistance to certain chemicals in correspondence to their job.

Classes are created and people are taught to love their class and accepting of other class levels. The only sense of identity people are given is their name. From a single embryo many twins are created. These twins had no identity and were stripped of all human qualities. Stability is a main goal in this utopia.

Producing large amounts of genetically identical twins are what keep balance.

The new world essay example

Each person is taught to love his or her job so no one is unsatisfied. When people are satisfied with their job happiness is guaranteed.

Hypnopaedia, sleep teaching, is used to brain wash individuals. There is no longer any need for literature because people are taught not to love old things.

The new society can not relate to tragedies because there is no social instability. Science is highly censored and controlled because if any change occurs a slight imbalance may occur and people may be unconditioned. Soma is taken like candy and prevents emotions of sadness or depression.

The people are truly unstable because they are constantly dependent on the soma to take holidays from the world that is suppose to be perfect. Any scandals, hatred, ignorance, and envy was simply abolished in the name of technology.

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People are now happy, hygienic, and economically secure. Brave New World presents a possible idea for the too near future. Human beings are turned into mindless, emotionless, walking zombies that only perform menial tasks.

This life has to high of a price to pay for the simple stability it has to offer. Existence would be meaningless and only serve to keep the human race continuing.Sample Questions Header Block Open sample questions menu Essay.

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John the Savage's New World Essay. Brave New World Essay In Brave New World, John the Savage willfully exiles himself from the reservation, where he was born and raised, in order to travel to the new world; because of his passion for learning and this twisted idea of becoming happy through his acceptance - John the Savage's New World Essay introduction.

Brave New World Essay Example The Misuse of Science In Brave New World Brave New World as one of the world's most iconic dystopian novels about economic uncertainty, unemployment and a radical scientific world that creates its citizens in Laboratories using technology based on eugenics, doing away with procreation completely.

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Brave New World Essay Example