The only professional and easy way

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The only professional and easy way

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. In partnership with UCLA Extension, below are nine professions where a certificate can make all the difference.

Human Relations As anyone who works in a corporate environment knows, HR personnel are integral to the day-to-day interactions among employees. IT Support If you are a natural tech whiz, IT support is a pretty obvious and promising career path for you. However, not all tech careers are equal.

Professional Project Management A number of industries rely on project managers to keep things rolling. However, if you want to really make yourself stick out from the crowd, increase your salary, and open yourself up to promotions, project managers might want to look into getting PMI certified.

PMI offers eight certificate programs that can help boost your career. Personal Training While doctors have long touted the benefits of exercise, personal trainers are the ones who really help us out along the way.

Many personal trainers choose to freelance and work with clients one-on-one, but others are employed by gyms. Often times, a trainer can only get a job in a specific gym if he or she has a certification, and will at the very least be in a higher pay grade.

Different gyms and associations offer different kinds of certificates, but you can also become certified through university classes. However, some nurses choose to go the extra mile and get specialized in other medical arenas, including ambulatory care. Check out the American Nurses Credentialing Center to learn more about specific nursing certifications, such as in ambulatory care and other specialties.

Financial Planning According to a Forbes article, financial planning is a second career for many people -- whether or not they were initially interested in money management.

And while you can work at a financial planning company for years without certification, passing your CFP exam will take your professionalism -- and the trust people put in you as an advisor -- to the next level.

Architecture and Design Beyond the artistry, architecture is integral to designing and building structures that can withstand decades of use -- no matter what is happening in the world around them.

Becoming LEED certified in architecture and interior design means that these visionaries have the requisite knowledge to design sustainably conscious buildings. And as society is becoming more aware of climate change and our effects on the environment, these specialists are in high demand.

Accounting Contrary to popular belief, accountants do much more than help you file taxes although nothing is wrong with that. In fact, according to Monster.

UCLA Extension offers over certificate programs that can help to increase your professional skills and stay competitive in your field.

The only professional and easy way

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Feb 17,  · Certificate programs are a great way to find a boost in your current industry, and often don’t require dedicating years, . Create a professional website and actually enjoy building it! Create a professional website and actually enjoy building it!

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