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Its capital and largest city is Nairobi and it is bordered by Tanzania to the south and southwest, Uganda to the west, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east. Kenya coverskm2, and had a population of approximately 48 million people in JanuaryKenya has a warm and humid tropical climate on its Indian Ocean coastline. The climate is cooler in the grasslands around the capital city, Nairobi, and especially closer to Mount Kenya. Further inland are highlands in Central and Rift Valley regions where tea, in the West are Nyanza and Western regions, there is an equatorial, hot and dry climate which becomes humid around Lake Victoria, the largest tropical fresh-water lake in the world.

Tim roseman playwriting australia flag

Greater London — London, or Greater London, is a region of England which forms the administrative boundaries of London. It is organised into 33 local government districts, the 32 London boroughs, the Greater London Authority, based in Southwark, tim roseman playwriting australia flag responsible for strategic local government across the region and consists of the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.

The county of Greater London was created on 1 April through the London Government Actadministratively, Greater London was first established as a sui generis council area under the Greater London Council between and The area was re-established as a region inand the Greater London Authority formed inthe region covers 1, km2 and had a population of 8, at the census.

The term Greater London has been and still is used to different areas in governance, statistics, history. In terms of ceremonial counties, London is divided into the small City of London, outside the limited boundaries of the City, a variety of arrangements has governed the wider area sinceculminating in the creation of the Greater London administrative area in The Greater London Arterial Road Programme was devised between andone of the larger early forms was the Greater London Planning Region, devised inwhich occupied 1, square miles and included 9 million people.

The LCC pressed for an alteration in its boundaries soon after the end of the First World War, noting that within the Metropolitan, a Royal Commission on London Government was set up to consider the issue.

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The LCC proposed a vast new area for Greater London, with a boundary somewhere between the Metropolitan Police District and the home counties, protests were made at the possibility of including Windsor, Slough and Eton in the authority. The Commission made its report inrejecting the LCCs scheme, two minority reports favoured change beyond the amalgamation of smaller urban districts, including both smaller borough councils and a central authority for strategic functions.

The GLC was abolished in by the Local Government Act and its functions were devolved to the City Corporation and the London Boroughs, with some functions transferred to central government and joint boards.

Greater London was used to form the London region of England ina referendum held in established a public will to recreate an upper tier of government to cover the region.

tim roseman playwriting australia flag

The and mayoral elections were won by Ken Livingstone, the and elections were won by Boris Johnson. The election was won by Sadiq Khan, Greater London continues to include the most closely associated parts of the Greater London Urban Area and their historic buffers.

Thus it includes, in five boroughs, significant parts of the Metropolitan Green Belt which protects designated greenfield land in a way to the citys parks 2.

Districts of England — The districts of England are a level of subnational division of England used for the purposes of local government.

As the structure of government in England is not uniform.

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Some districts are styled as boroughs, cities, or royal boroughs, these are purely honorific titles, prior to the establishment of districts in the s, the basic unit of local government in England was the parish overseen by the parish church vestry committee.

Vestries dealt with the administraction of both parochial and secular governmental matters, parishes were the successors of the manorial system and historically had been grouped into hundreds.

Hundreds once exercised some supervising administrative function, however, these powers ebbed away as more and more civic and judicial powers were centred on county towns.

From these parishes were grouped into Poor Law Unions, creating areas for administration of the Poor Law and these areas were later used for census registration and as the basis for sanitary provision.

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Inbased on these earlier subdivisions, the Local Government Act created urban districts and rural districts as sub-divisions of administrative counties, another reform in created 28 metropolitan boroughs as sub-divisions of the County of London.

Meanwhile, from this date parish-level local government administration was transferred to civil parishes, the setting-down of the current structure of districts in England began inwhen Greater London and its 32 London boroughs were created. They are the oldest type of still in use. Inmetropolitan counties and non-metropolitan counties were created across the rest of England and were split into metropolitan districts, in London power is now shared again, albeit on a different basis, with the Greater London Authority.

During the s a further kind of district was created, the unitary authority, metropolitan boroughs are a subdivision of a metropolitan county. These are similar to unitary authorities, as the county councils were abolished in Most of the powers of the county councils were devolved to the districts but some services are run by joint boards, the districts typically have populations ofto 1.

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Non-metropolitan districts are second-tier authorities, which share power with county councils and they are subdivisions of shire counties and the most common type of district. These districts typically have populations of 25, to , the number of non-metropolitan districts has varied over time.australian flag stock video clips in 4K and HD for creative projects.

Plus, explore over 10 million high-quality video and footage clips in every category. Sign up for free today! Free essys, homework help, flashcards, research papers, book report, term papers, history, science, politics. Both of these views were covered during my conversation with Tim Roseman, Artistic Director of Playwriting Australia, ahead of the 9th annual National Play Festival, a series of play readings, artist talks, workshops and industry forums showcasing works from PWA’s various development programs.

The entire wikipedia with video and photo galleries for each article. Find something interesting to watch in seconds. It's 5 days until #nationalplayfestival If you're in Sydney do come along to witness the hottest new Australia playwriting.

You'll be spoilt for choice 10 plays, 4 artists talks, 5 masterclasses. You'll be spoilt for choice 10 plays, 4 artists talks, 5 masterclasses. Collette Brennan – Australia Council for the Arts; Dan Graham – Independent; Tim Roseman – Playwriting Australia; Tony Grybowski – Australia Council for the Arts; Naomi Brouwer – flag Inc; Paul Gurney – Next Wave; Petra Kalive – Melbourne Playback;.

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