Trapped in a snow globe writing activity for second

I told the kids ahead of time to come dressed for the snow! I took their pictures in front of a blank background, and told them to pose how they would like to be positioned with their snowman in the snow globe! To make the snow globes they traced the plate on light blue construction paper and carefully cut it out. Then they glued their picture on the paper, painted their snowman, and added accessories when it was dry!

Trapped in a snow globe writing activity for second

Hugo Young "Margaret Thatcher left a dark legacy that has still not disappeared" The first time I met Margaret ThatcherI swear she was wearing gloves. The place was her office at the Department of Education, then in Curzon Street. Maybe my memory is fanciful. Perhaps she had just come inside.

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The time was This was the feminine creature who, two years later, was leader of the Conservative party. The milk snatcher reputation absorbed and lived with.

Lecturing me about the comprehensive schools, of which she created more than any minister before or since. Being a woman is undoubtedly one of the features, possibly the most potent, that makes her ascent to power memorable, 25 years on, in a way that applied to no man.

Thatcher is remembered for her achievements, but more for a presence, which was wrapped up with being a woman. The woman, however, changed. The gender remained, its artefacts deployed with calculation.

But it was overlaid by the supposedly masculine virtues, sometimes more manly than the men could ever assemble. She became harder than hard. Sent Bobby Sands to an Irish hero's grave without a blink. Faced down trade union leaders after her early years — apprentice years, when Jim Callaghan's Britain was falling apart — in which the commonest fear was that the little lady would not be able to deal with them across the table.

Thatcher became a supremely self-confident leader.

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Draining down those 11 years to their memorable essence, what does one light upon? What is really left by Thatcher to history? What will not be forgotten? What, in retrospect, seems creative and what destructive?

Are there, even, things we look back on with regret for their passing? Would we like her back? I think by far her greatest virtue, in retrospect, is how little she cared if people liked her. She wanted to win, but did not put much faith in the quick smile. She needed followers, as long as they went in her frequently unpopular directions.

This is a political style, an aesthetic even, that has disappeared from view. Though the Thatcher years could also be called the Saatchi years, reaching a new level of presentational sophistication in the annals of British politics, they weren't about getting the leader liked.

Respected, viewed with awe, a conviction politician, but if liking came into it, that was an accident. This is a style whose absence is much missed. It accounted for a large part of the mark Thatcher left on Britain. Her unforgettable presence, but also her policy achievements.

Mobilising society, by rule of law, against the trade union bosses was undoubtedly an achievement. For the most part, it has not been undone. Selling public housing to the tenants who occupied it was another, on top of the denationalisation of industries and utilities once thought to be ineluctably and for ever in the hands of the state.

Neither shift of ownership and power would have happened without a leader prepared to take risks with her life. Each now seems banal. These developments set a benchmark.

They married the personality and belief to action.

trapped in a snow globe writing activity for second

But this didn't come without a price. Still plumbing for the essence, we have to examine other bits of residue. Much of any leader's record is unremarkable dross, and Thatcher was no exception.Get the latest international news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more.

See world news photos and videos at FREE Trapped in a Snow Globe Writing Printable I’ve seen this all over Pinterest in a variety of different formats. I really wanted to do it last year with my c Christmas Kindness Activities & Writing Crafts for Secret Santa of Kind Words.

My Second Cup of Coffee. 7. Dimension 3 DISCIPLINARY CORE IDEAS—EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCES. E arth and space sciences (ESS) investigate processes that operate on Earth and also address its place in the solar system and the galaxy.

Thus ESS involve phenomena that range in scale from the unimaginably large to the invisibly small. Jan 28,  · Stuck in a Snow Globe writing Well, this is the first month in my teaching career that I have had more days off than working.

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