Valerie cornell essay

It was only when Franzen drew more self-consciously on his own life that he was finally able to write a novel that connected the personal and the social in a way that resonated widely with readers. View image of The Corrections went on to sell more than three million copies Credit: Fourth Estate But surprise, surprise, The Corrections — the problematic third novel he refers to in the essay — achieved precisely this seemingly unmanageable task.

Valerie cornell essay

Over a shot of him looking characteristically serious appeared the words "Great American Novelist". Being Franzen, he isn't comfortable with the label.

It sold nearly 3m copies and established Franzen as one of the leading literary voices of his generation, but, thanks to his perceived snub to Winfrey, it also established his reputation as, variously, an "ego-blinded snob" Boston Globea "pompous prick" Newsweek and a "spoiled, whiny little brat" Chicago Tribune.

The fallout set back his writing by more than a year. This time, Franzen has toughened up. Barack Obama even read an early copy on his holiday in Martha's Vineyard.

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People are starting to approve. The tiny room, furnished with a battered old desk and greasy-looking mattress, resembles a monastic cell. The walls are bare except for a single decorative plate. There is a tiny kitchen with one small saucepan.

There is nothing rock'n'roll about Franzen, none of the champagne book launches or late-night escapades that mark the careers of, say, Jay McInerney or Bret Easton Ellis. Compared with them, Franzen comes across as serious, professorial.

He rolls up his sleeves, scratches his arm, takes off his glasses and studies them, then looks into the middle distance. In his thoughtful demeanour seems to be an implicit criticism of the vapidity of today's world.

The challenge to seriousness posed by technology, for example, has long been a bugbear, and is voiced by one of Freedom's central characters: Because it's the same problem everywhere. His computer has had its card removed, so he cannot be tempted by computer games.

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The ethernet port has been physically sealed, so he can't connect to the internet. While writing The Corrections, he even wore a blindfold as he touch-typed.

Franzen has written four novels, and each involved an epic struggle. Compared with the late John Updike or Philip Roth, who wrote books with conveyor-belt regularity, Franzen seems agonisingly blocked.

Franzen pauses and lets out a sigh. I don't want to be slick. He looks back on that year with something approaching joy. The tank was empty. Inwhen I tried to get going on a new novel, just meagre little shreds would come out that mostly reminded me of bad Franzen.

Valerie cornell essay

Last week Oprah had the grace to adopt Freedom as one of her book club titles, calling it "a masterpiece". For his part, Franzen has had the sense to keep quiet about it. The whipping he received over The Corrections was his first experience of being publicly reviled, and he blames it on the prevailing mood of philistinism.

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It's very hard to find a self-declared elitist; I certainly wasn't one. But I looked more like one than anyone who was handy at the time. He leaps up from his chair and opens the desk drawer to reveal a pile of what must be at least 1, pages of typed manuscript.

Notes going round and round in circles. Horrible, unreadable, intensely boring stuff. He signed up to an optimistic delivery date of 10 months and, because his writing cell wasn't quite ascetic enough, decamped to Berlin to write in complete isolation.

Weekly, if not daily.

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The character of Patty came fairly early on, from a fragment of a suburban woman's autobiography that hadn't made it into The Corrections, and from there the book began to take shape. Freedom tells the story of Patty, her environmentalist husband Walter, and their children Jessica and Joey, an ostensibly happy American family who begin to fall apart.

Patty is unsatisfied with the devoted Walter and lusts after his best friend, a hyper-sexed rocker called Richard, while smothering Joey with so much love her son feels obliged to rebel. Patty makes a similar journey to Franzen's own — from Chicago, where he was born, and St Louis, where he grew up, to New York — but in reverse.

Maybe I'm doomed as a novelist never to do anything but stories of midwestern families.

Valerie cornell essay

In Freedom, Walter embarks on a mission to persuade young Americans to have fewer children.Essay by Cornell University chair, Valerie Bunce and University of Maryland professor emerita, Gay Gullickson.

The views expressed are the opinions of the authors. We are both women. We have had. As newly weds in the mids, he and his wife, Valerie Cornell, from whom he is now divorced, lived a strange, hermetically sealed life in a tiny flat near Harvard University.

The evidence is found in the introduction to his essay How to Be Alone, where he contends that the Harper’s essay was actually about him. Franzen separated with Valerie Cornell and are now divorced.

Well, you can kind of see why he would be sensitive to the feelings of his ex-wife, Valerie Cornell, a novelist herself (yet when you look her up on a . As happened with Jonathan Franzen and his ex-wife Valerie Cornell, many a writer couple have thrown in the matrimonial towel when one of its members (in this case, Franzen) suddenly finds their work being published, and the other (Cornell) does not.

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