Writing a chinese name in english

A few days ago, I wrote the following titles on the blackboard in my "Poetry and Prose" class:

Writing a chinese name in english

According to legend, he had four eyes and four pupils, and that when he invented Chinese characters, the demons cried and the sky rained millet. The Yellow Emperor, who reigned between BC or BC according to tradition, is regarded as the founder of Chinese civilization.

At the time of the Yellow Emperor, records were kept using knots on ropes. The emperor thought this system was unsatisfactory and charged Cangjie to create a writing system for Chinese. Cangjie did not know how to proceed at first, but was eventually decided to base characters on the special characteristics of animals, birds and other natural phonomena.

The emperor was very pleased with the new script and had textbooks produced and sent to the different parts of his empire so that Cangjie could teach people his script. The Jiahu site dates back to around 6, BC, and some believe that the symbols are Chinese characters, or perhaps a form of Chinese proto-writing.

Others argue that the gap between these symbols and the Oracle Bone Script is too long for them to have remained more or less unchanged, so they are unlikely to be ancestors of Chinese characters.

Some characters in the Oracle Bone Script with their modern equivalents. The earlier inscriptions were writing in the wet clay molds used to cast the bronze; many later inscriptions were inscriped into the bronze after it was cast. Some characters in the Bronze Script with their modern equivalents.

The Qin version became the standard formal of the Qin dynasty, and continued to be used during the Han Dynasty for decorative purposes and name seals. Some characters in the Seal Script with their modern equivalents.

It is still used for headlines, signs and adverts. This script is thought to have developed from a relatively simple "vulgar" script which emerged during the Warring States period and became popular with ordinary people, as well as with government scribes, during the Qin dynasty at a time when literacy was spreading.

By the 7th century AD it had developed into the mature form that is still used. Some characters in the Standard Script. It is easier to read that than Draft Script as the characters are not as abbreviated. Some characters in the Running Script. The script developed further during the Jin Dynasty, and has been used as a form of shorthand and as a calligraphic script since then.

It is quick to write because some parts of characters are omitted, some strokes are merged, some parts are replaced with simpler alternatives, and some of the strokes are modified.

For those not familiar with this style of writing, it can be difficult to read. Some characters in the Draft Script. These simplified characters are also used in Singapore, but in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau the traditional characters are used.Type the new name you want to use for Facebook.

Many people put both their English and Chinese names together, with one name in parentheses, such as: Jane Doe (什麼什麼) However, you can completely replace your English name if you prefer.

Origin of Chinese Family Names You can also search for the English spelling of your last name from the search engine. The same English spelling may represent more than one Chinese last name.

writing a chinese name in english

To distinguish the differences, meaning of the last names are given wherever possible. Chinese names are given with Last Names first. Symbols were selected based on their visual similarity to corresponding English alphabet letters. Only real Chinese characters are used. Only characters that are positive or neutral in meaning are included.

Many of you have a thorough knowledge of written and spoken Chinese, but there has still to be someone wishing to learn the basics of this unusual writing the secrets of Chinese characters, their history, their romanization and the elements that compose them.

The following tutorial is meant to provide beginners all they need to write Chinese characters and find them in a dictionary, but can.

May 07,  · When addressing people in Chinese, it's always surname, first name, middle name. That isn't technically backwards though since first name, middle name is in the same order as in English.

- shannim. Microsoft Office Word provides support for writing in various languages. You can configure Word to allow you to write in languages that use ideographic characters such as Japanese as well as languages that are written right-to-left such as Thai.

How Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese handle foreign names